Poppins Basket
Poppins Basket

Poppins Basket

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Product Description

It’s easy to understand why I would have Poppins on my mind while designing a basket. However, what I’ve learned with all this Poppins-watching has been very good for me during this hard and stretching pandemic season. First, it means I get cuddles with my girls while watching; but the movie brings a lot of chaos into order, just like in the original Mary Poppins movie. She snaps her fingers, and toys go into place and beds get made. In Mary Poppins Returns, they all end up swimming into the bathtub and have a lovely time while Poppins sings…

In both movies, the families had fallen on hard times - can you relate? I think it’s very safe to say we have collectively fallen on hard and unusual times, as everything drastically changed for each of us. But just like Poppins comes in and brings class and charm to any rooms she’s in, I think this basket does the same. I designed it to have character and to be a bit whimsical. If you remember, the families live on Cherry Blossom Lane; hence the color I used for this original basket.

Finished Basket Dimensions:

5” tall, 8” diameter at the top, 30” circumference around the middle of the basket.

Dani Sue Creations


All baskets and kits from Dani Sue Creations are 100% handmade.

True to the way Granny taught her, all baskets are crafted with:

  • NO glue
  • NO staples
  • NO nails

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