For The Art of It Basket
For The Art of It Basket

For The Art of It Basket

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Product Description

This basket is meant to be a celebration and collaboration of artists. My dear friend Christina Bain introduced me to my dear friend Jenny Evans. Both are art professors and I feel smarter, braver, and more empowered as an artist just by being in their presence. They aren’t just fellow artists, but fellow basket weavers and art dreamers. Jenny had the idea of macramé on a basket. My first thought was “that sounds amazing.” The second was “how does one macramé?”

Lucky for me, one day Jenny came to The Nest and taught Lillie, my 8-year-old, and me, how to macramé. From that little 5-minute lesson, and a YouTube video, came the idea of this basket. I sketched it out with Jenny, and weeks later, got to make that crazy doodle into this 3D creation.

I believe we are all much better off when surrounded by other people who are good for us, who want more for us and want to help us in this journey called life. That’s what my basket friends are! I couldn’t be more thankful for them and the different perspectives and arts they teach and tell me about. When I think of life without my fellow artists and weavers, I think of how much beauty and the ideas I’d be missing out on. I’m thankful for collaboration and the friends that make me a better artist.

I can say that this is my favorite all time basket... for now. I’m shocked by how much I love its simplicity and complexity, beauty, and size. In my mind, I picture it in a guest bathroom with pretty towels rolled up and stored; but just like any basket, it can do a lot of different jobs. I hope you enjoy this piece of art as much as I already have.

Finished Basket Dimensions:

Diameter A 16.5”, diameter B 14”, 51” circumference around the middle of the basket, 12” tall.

Dani Sue Creations


All baskets and kits from Dani Sue Creations are 100% handmade.

True to the way Granny taught her, all baskets are crafted with:

  • NO glue
  • NO staples
  • NO nails

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