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May Flowers Basket


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This basket is 1 of 6 Baskets for the Flock 2019 Basket Membership.

Oh Spring… I Love Spring! I love new life and fresh beginnings. It’s so good to see the brown grass turn green and watch the daffodils and tulips pop up. It’s good for my soul when April Showers bring May flowers!

I’m a seasonal decorator. Yep, I’m one of Those People. But decorations seriously bring me so much joy! When I was thinking about Easter 2019 and pulling out my cute decorations, I pictured this basket. A tall basket to hang on the wall and put silk spring flowers in. As I designed it, I knew I wanted a flowers to yell “Happy Spring!” but I also really like it without the flowers. It serves a great decorating purpose either way.

This basket has a woven base that will measure  6” by 4” and stands 24″ tall.

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