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Enough to Share Basket


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This basket is 1 of 6 Baskets for the Flock 2019 Basket Membership.

Here is the FULL story behind this basket, Enough to Share!

My Grandmother’s name was Ardia Herndon but more importantly she was known as Granny. She lived a beautiful, full life, was born on October 11, 1933 and died peacefully in her sleep on May 10th, 2019. She was my person.

My favorite childhood memories happened at Granny’s house. She loved me with her whole heart, and I grew up knowing it. She disciplined me in love and cheered for me the loudest. She was the whole deal for me, and like I said, she was my person.

Yesterday was one full and very long month since Granny’s passing. My heart is in a million pieces, as I have the task of learning how to live the rest of my life without her. I’m 37 years old, and if all goes as planned, I’ll live a long, full life like Granny did.  I hope I’ll have grandbabies, and teach them how to weave just like she taught me. If that happens, I will live more than half of my life without her.  That thought is unbearable.

Rest assured, I know that Granny is better off in Heaven, that she’s without pain and able to walk. She’s back with the loved ones who went before her, like Pepaw (her husband) and Memaw, my great-grandmother (her mom). I know that, if given the chance, she wouldn’t return to us; and if I was given the chance to bring her back, I wouldn’t… BUT still, my heart breaks that I don’t get to have her physical body here with me and mine.

Granny’s legacy began when she went to the Tennessee State Fair in 1982, and saw an egg basket being woven. She thought the craft looked fun, and bought a book and a kit for an egg basket.  She taught herself how to weave, on an egg basket! No one ever said she was crazy ridiculous when trying hard things. 1982 is also the same year I was born. Little did we know that her grandbaby (that would be me) would one day continue weaving baskets and fall in love with the craft, just like she did. Teach, just like she did. Make lifelong friends from weaving, just like she did.

Growing up, Granny’s basket room in her basement was usually full of women weaving, full of reed, and baskets, and patterns and laughter and even tears as deep friendships were forged. I loved coming home from school, grabbing an ice cream bar and joining her class in the afternoons. I loved listening to these women and seeing what they were making and getting in on their jokes.

Granny was one of those people that created community wherever she was. She helped friends become family and taught family how to treat people. She had a way about her where she could make you feel like you were the only thing she had to focus on; you were the most important person in that moment. She had a big heart and loved well.

My Granny was a hard worker! An extremely hard worker. She worked on the farm, milking cows, carrying milk, setting tobacco, cooking huge meals for workhands and hauling all of it to the fields. She set mums and sold them, and planted one of the largest gardens I’ve ever seen. She was basically a miracle woman, because in spite of all her hard work, I can never one time think of when she was too busy for me.

One time I asked Granny “Why are we planting all of this garden Granny? There’s no way we can eat all of this.” She quickly responded, “We plant a lot so we can share a lot. This way we have enough to share.”

This basket is a celebration of that heart, a heart that beats to share, to host, and to care for other people. I chose to use watermelon colors, because she would take the grandkids back in the field to a watermelon patch and cut them open right there for us to eat.

Until we meet again, I will miss Granny with all my being. However, I am honored to carry on her legacy of weaving one memory at a time with dear people. Please enjoy the pictures of Granny in the Product Gallery for this basket!

This basket has a woven base with a wrapped D handle standing 14″ tall and 12″wide, the is an optional Plastic Serving Tray insert measures 15″ x 10″

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