Country Christmas

Country roads may take us to West Virginia, but weaving reeds is how I find the way back to My Old Kentucky Home. I created “A Country Christmas Basket” for the KBA Christmas [...]

Peppermint Bark

Basket #6 for The Flock 2020! I wonder what smells and tastes come to mind when asked about your favorite holiday eats? I wonder what memories flood your mind when trying to decide what your [...]


Basket #5 for The Flock 202o! Art, history and how the two are woven together is incredibly interesting to me. Recently, as we work to survive the Covid pandemic at our house, my almost [...]

Granny’s Gift

Basket #4 for The Flock 2020! The last basket supply Granny ever ordered was seagrass. It was one of the things she was out of, and she needed just a little; so, she was going to order me a [...]

Toss It

Basket #3 for The Flock 2020! A stylish waste basket that will add character to any [...]


What does home mean to you? To me, home is my Granny’s house in KY that sits on 650 acres of heaven on earth. That home has since become my cousins’ home, because Granny graduated to heaven in [...]

La Bourse

La Bourse is a charming purse that’s ready for an outing. She has all kinds of personality and style, and looks good no matter what she’s doing. This darling basket has a woven base, a set of [...]