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Weaving memories one basket at a time.

In February of 2018 my husband, Chris and I and our two girls Lillie Grace (5) and Hannah Kay (2) relocated to Austin TX. My husband is from Austin and his techie smarts are right at home in his home state. He’s a graduate from Texas A&M so the move from him was coming back. However this Kentucky girl has never lived anywhere other than her bluegrass state so the move has been a big transition. Once moving to Austin he stated a new job, we bought a house and added a third daughter Ella Rae to our family in 2019.

My granny making a basket.

My roots of being a Kentucky girl and learning how to weave both started on my grandparents farm in Taylorsville, KY. Their house and farm is my happy place. So much so that my husband gave me a necklace with the coordinates for their house when we knew we were making the move. The farm is where all my favorite memories of childhood are and were I learned to make my first basket when I was 6 years old. I remember sitting on my Granny and Papaw’s table with the basket, almost as big as I was, weaving my little heart out. My granny, Ardia Herndon, started teaching basket classes the year I was born (1982). I call her the Basket Making Master. Thankfully she began teaching me how to weave that day and hasn’t stopped since.

My Granny & I

One day after making a basket in 2016 I was sparked with a strong desire to carry on my granny’s basket legacy. It has been such a blessing to return to one of the first things I loved learning.  That desire has been the driving force that birthed Dani Sue Creations! The ride of this journey has been a very fun one and so rewarding as I’ve made life long friends though this trade. I’ve learned how to produce instructional videos for my Kentucky students and the move motivated me to create a membership/subscription group called The Flock that opens at the end of each year. Dani Sue Creations also moved into the world of selling basket kits as we journeyed to Austin.

I’ve heard that the best way to start a business is to find something you love and find a way to get paid for it. I’m so grateful I’m getting to do what I love while I raise my littles. I look forward to teaching this craft to my fellow basket lovers, or selling you an amazing basket if weaving isn’t your gig.

Thanks for reading,

Danielle (aka Dani Sue)